Chris Inocencio
A visual collective of my photographs, illustrations, and other expressive mediums.

    Photographer – Chris Inocencio
    Creative Director & Wardrobe Design  – Chris Inocencio & Sierra Correa
    Image Director – Shane Tomlinson
    Model – Autumn
    Hair/MU – Jasmine Santiago (Brides Be Beautiful)
    Lighting Assistant – Ed Mueller

    It’s been a few weeks since my last post and I couldn’t wait to present this one! Most of you don’t know about my personal life because I haven’t posted on it. While I’m primarily a photographer of fashion, I do have a background in journalism (and graphic design), and I enjoy a good blogging here and there when I post images of my work. 

    A few weeks ago I met up with Autumn, a model from Orlando who was looking to expand her portfolio with some on-location fashion photos. At the same time, me and my wife were in the middle of planning a new shoot and were looking for the right face who could model our vision. Timing couldn’t have been better.

    For my photo shoots, my wife and I work together on almost all of them. We bounce around ideas on fashion pieces, sketch concepts and really break down our vision on what it is we’re trying to communicate visually as creative directors. Afterwards, the fashion scavenger hunt begins and it’s off to the malls & boutiques to search out pieces for our wardrobe design.

    One of the goals we wanted to accomplish in this shoot was having a high fashion look relying very heavily on a trench coat covering a dress. For this look we selected a chic coat from INC International Concepts and a geometrically patterned elegant black and white dress from Charming Charlies (here) (here). Black and white, although a classic combination, is still very much a popular trend when it comes to high fashion. You can see this same style in a lot of items today from dress to coats, as seen in Alexander Wang’s new Balenciaga collection (here).

    Styling and directing this high fashion shoot confirmed the elegant flare we were looking to achieve in our creative planning (here).

    For the second look, we were aiming for “City Girl Fashion”. Downtown metro areas are little more than runways and catwalks for the fashionably minded. So we wanted to showcase a feminine and sophisticated look by pairing a pencil skirt with a casual tee. Too add a more sophisticated look, we complimented the outfit with a vivid colored blazer (here) and accessories (here). The style was lovely and screamed spring vibes!

    As a fashion photographer, it’s not enough for me to simply sit back and snap photos. Granted sometimes that’s what you’re called to do, however, I’m a creative person with a love for design. I consider myself an artist first and foremost, and my camera like a paintbrush which helps me capture fashion through my eyes.

    Until the next post, thanks for following!

    The brands in this shoot: INC International Concepts (Coat), Macy’s Bar III collection (Blazer), Charming Charlies, Rachel Roy.

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